Gwalior, one amongst the foremost celebrated cities of Asian nation, is set within the state of Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior is known as the city of Art, History and Music that were designed by former rulers Tomar and Scindia.
Gwalior, a historical city is unified with the prosperous culture of the Rajput, the Kachchwas and also the Tomar ancestors. The eminent Gwalior fort and plenty of places are abundantly of tourist attraction during this town. Gwalior is housed with Asia's largest physical education institute that is finest of its kind. Gwalior is located within the central India in the state of Madhya Pradesh at a distance of about 321 kilometres from Delhi.


Gwalior is named on legendary saint Gwalipa of the eighth century and its ancient forts are magnificent. It had been once a head of clan referred to as Suraj Sen was hit by a deadly illness and was cured by a hermit-saint Gwalipa and as an appreciation for that incidence; he established this city by his name. Passing from legendary Suraj Sen to Tomars within the fourteenth century, it has been the seat of ruling of the Scindias. It was here that Rani of Jhansi was killed fighting British forces.


Tansen, festival of classical musical is one amongst the foremost festivals celebrated in Gwalior within the month of November. This festival is primarily celebrated to promote the traditional classical music, musicians and singers from different parts of the country who come here to participate during this musical festival.


Deogarh Temple

This is one of the most ancient temples from the 17th century. This temple is especially devoted to Lord Vishnu.

Shanichara Temple

This temple placed at Aeti is eighteen kilometers from Gwalior city. The most vital feature of this temple is that it has black idol of Shanideva who was convicted by the demon-king Ravana.

Teli Ka Mandir

is recognized for its distinctive design whose Shikhara is made within the Dravidian and also the Indo Aryan vogue. This mandir is packed with figures of river goddesses, twisting serpents, ardent couples and a flying Garuda which is the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.

Surya Mandir

This temple is known for its exterior and architecture which has been designed of red sand stone and the interior with white marbles. Surya Mandir is devoted to Lord Surya.

Sas-Bahu temples

These temples are from the 11th century featured by 2 adjacent temples that vary in sizes. Each temple is best- known for its sculptures of complex work. The walls and pillars are also built in royal way and are carved fantastically.

Chatarbhuj Mandir

set in Gwalior is popular as the temple of the four arms. Chatarbhuj Mandir is devoted to Lord Vishnu. The major attraction of the tourists here is that the temple features a large curvilinear structure of Vishnu.


Gwalior Fort

The Gwalior fort was designed by Tomar Raja- Man Singh symbolises the magnificence of Gwalior. Built on a one hundred metre high hill with a huge wall around rising to a elevation of ten metres, the fort proffers a view of the city. It has been additionally represented as the pearl amongst the fortresses of Hind.

Man Mandir Palace

This palace is a six towered palace topped with domes. This is often associated as an exemplary palace of the Tomar family that shows the Rajput secular architecture which is embellished with outstanding stone carving and lattice work.

Sanchi Stupas

Sanchi Stupas is at a distance of regarding forty six kms aloof from Bhopal. This dome wrought stupa is supposed to be the most effective of Buddhist design, depiction scenes of Buddha and Jataka. Some of the carvings portray the Greek attires of the devotees of that era. These stupas cover up a space of about one hundred twenty feet that rises up to fifty four feet.

Jal Vilas Palace and depository

A part of this palace is employed as residence of the royal Scindia family whereas the remainder is regenerate into a museum exhibiting the items that were used by the members of the royal house. The Jal vilas Palace features a duo of world’s heaviest chandeliers within Darbar and a crystal staircase.